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I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “a picture paints 1000 words”, but how does that saying hold any water when there’s also one that says “words are cheap”?

How about “timing is everything“ but then again, Einstein tells us that time is relative, it doesn’t exist at all!

Why am I starting this email off with casual phrases that we all use from time to time? Why do these little throw away sayings have anything to do with consciousness?

What if I told you that those things we consider “little” and think don’t have any impact on how things do or don’t show up in our lives is actually not “little” at all?

In Access Consciousness we call these little ditties a SHICCUUUU. That stands for
Secret, hidden, invisible, covert, unseen, unsaid, unacknowledged and undisclosed implants and explants. They are these sneaky little algorithms that show up in the form of a little brush off saying but can have a big impact. We may think they are small but that’s also what the person said who spent the night with a mosquito in their sleeping bag!

We hear these things and often pay them no regard. A pebble on the road is no big deal, but a pebble in your shoe can be a very big deal if you desire to walk with ease. What if clearing these “pebbles” out of your life could invite way more ease in creating your life the way you would like it to be?

This is just one example of the ways in which we limit ourselves that, once uncovered, reveal the root cause of the energies that keep us stuck.

Have you always known that something greater is possible but haven’t figured out how to get there? If you read my last Nurturance Letter, you know in order to get something different, you have to choose something different!

The Foundation is the first core class of Access Consciousness and, in my interesting point of view, it is where the rubber meets the road! And guess what?? I have one coming up that I would love to invite you to! (Note to reader: DO NOT choose this class if you aren’t asking for massive change.)

You will receive a 4-day deep dive into YOU! Whether you’ve done a lot of inner work or this is your first personal growth experience, the Foundation finally clears the road blocks and unlocks the subtle patterns you didn’t know were there.

Chock full of tools and facilitation this is a class that will leave you forever changed in the best way!

Whether it is a social media challenge, a Being You class, a live-stream conversation in one of my private groups or facilitating one-on-one, as an Access Consciousness certified facilitator, I love everything I get to do.

Still I have a confession to make. Because I see so much change in such a brief period of time, I have to admit Foundation may be my favorite class to facilitate. It is a wild ride filled with laughter, tears, a-ha moments and deep connection with each other and with ourselves. Ultimately, isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

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What Else Is Possible?

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