Hello friend!


It’s been a few days since our Free Money call, and I thought I’d see how you be!
How are things rippling out in your world?
Anything shifting? Any questions popping?


I know things have been real interesting in my world! 😂
And, of course, the Facebook Live I did yesterday with Dain and Paula took it up to a whole other level! 🤯 Did you catch it?  If you didn’t, I highly recommend it. Click the button to watch the replay.


Watch the live with Dain here


What would you do if you realized that your money “problems” were an indicator of you plagiarizing someone else’s reality?


“What we have all learned to do is to plagiarize our realities.  We plagiarize other people’s points of view of reality to that we can maintain similarity with them. We plagiarize their limitations, never their possibilities.”


That’s a smidge of a taste of what we explored yesterday. See what I mean about taking it up to a whole new level?? I cannot WAIT to infuse this into the How to Become Money Workbook series I have starting on Thursday.


Like, take a moment right now, and tap into all of the ways we plagiarize other people’s realities with money in an attempt to create our own. The thing is, it won’t create anything that’s true for us, it will only create limitation.


Would you like to be a part of this exploration and dive in deeper? 

There’s still time to grab your spot and be a part of the series, and I would love to have you there!


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If you’re asking for a new reality with money, ask: what will it take for this to change?


I know how easy it is to look for a logical formula with these types of things. But, the truth is, it’s the energetics that determine the outcome. Which means, to create something different, you gotta access the energies around it.


THAT is the invitation of the How to Become Money Workbook series.  To go beyond what you’ve already considered and access the places and spaces and energies that you haven’t had tools to access yet.


What if your life could be more miraculous than it is right now? Like 10%…20%…even by 30%.

How much more lightness would that create in your world?


That’s my ask! Are you with me?


What Else Is Possible?

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