Hello beautiful you


“What if there is a greatness that you are, that is hidden behind every wrongness that you are trying to hide?” - Dr. Dain Heer


I’m popping in real quick today to make sure you know about this sweet gift that is happening tomorrow.  My brother is gifting the world a free Big ESB session September 12th at 2pm Houston time.  If you’re not familiar with the ESB energy yet, it’s hard to describe….because it’s undefinable 😉  So, let me just say that it contributes to opening up the space of being, beyond wrongness.


If you’re not registered yet for this free session, head on over here to get registered:


There are over 10,000 people registered!!

Can you imagine a world with more people being embracing the gentle spaciousness they be?


See you there!

Register for the free Big ESB

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