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Are You Looking for the Why or Choosing Something Different?

tools Jun 08, 2023


Is there anything in your life that you really desire to change and haven’t been able to yet?

Ya, I think we all have something or even some things. 😉

So…how do you go about changing it??

Many of us were taught that the best way to shift something is to treat it like it’s a problem that needs to be solved.

And, to solve a problem, you have to figure out the “why” of it first to be able to move forward in changing it.

What if I told you that there is another possibility available? It’s simpler and takes way less time, too.

You see, a lot of the things that we’d like to change in our life don’t have a logical reason as to the “why.”

How do I know that?
 Well, if it was logical, you and your fabulous brain would have figured it out already.

Instead, we kinda get stuck in a loop. Trying to figure it all out to be able to create the plan for changing it.

Except there’s no figuring it out. 🤯

The real key to changing anything in your life is CHOOSING something different.

ANYTHING different.
Yep, that simple.
It’s your choice that interrupts the pattern.

You can think about something endlessly but your choice is the actual catalyst.

I’ve seen the actual magic of change happen every time I commit myself to choosing something different.

So, my sweet friend, what can you choose today that is different than what you usually choose?

And what possibilities could open up for you if you stopped trying to find the path to WHY?


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