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What if every choice you’ve ever made was a gift contributing to you right now?


You see, every choice you've made has contributed to the incredible awareness you possess today, sweet being.

Yes, even that one that makes you cringe. Even that one you are still judging yourself for.

Our choices create our life. Every single one of them.

What if you could have gratitude for all of your choices?

Let’s try it out right now!

Look at one of the choices that you’ve made that you still judge yourself for.

Pull that energy up and just be with it.

Now, we’re going to sprinkle some gratitude on it.

Gratitude for you…gratitude for whatever you knew then that you’re pretending you didn’t know…

Gratitude for the fact that it is part of the awareness you have now.

Would you be willing to wrap it up in gratitude, and expand it out?

What do you notice happens when you do that? Do you notice how the judgment begins to shift and maybe even fade away?

When you release yourself from the burden of self-judgment, you make room for growth,...

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